momming is hard | about me

Oh hey!

I’m Sarah. I was kind of a mom blogger for a while. I didn’t do crafts or anything. I wasn’t THAT kind of mom blogger. Mostly I showed up to encourage and make people feel less alone.

I still do that. I also encourage and speak truth. I wish I was a better story teller, but sometimes I come up with metaphors that make coffee come out your nose. It’s worth sticking around for that nonsense.

I’m a mom, wife, believer and auctioneer (like that’s my real job…the kind I get paid for, unlike this ditty). I have recently cut heavy whipping cream out of my coffee and I’m back on carbs. I’m an enneagram 7 to a t, but am choosing to identify with my 8 wing, because I want to be someone who finishes things, like cups of coffee and nonfiction books. For now I’m here to write and encourage.