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To anyone named MOM

I never understood the phrase "That's my name, don't wear it out" until my name was MOM | @mommingishard | mommingishard.com


I see you, mama. Hiding in the shower, eating chocolate so your body can have the sugar it needs to not lose your shit. Maybe if you wait it out, they will fall asleep. Obviously that is a joke, because in what universe do your children ever fall asleep?! It is reasonable to assume that they may forget what they needed your help with and get distracted with something else. Here's to hoping.

"Mom, wipe my butt!

"Mom! I'm hungry!"

"MOM! He took my toy!"

"Mom, fix my flashlight!"

Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom!

You are needed every second of every single day. Your brain power goes to solving every problem you create. The only man who could ever come close to understanding your weariness is the man in the yellow hat. Or Jesus. I guess he understands too.

You are mom. You solve problems. Feed the hungry. Heal boo boos with your kisses. Wipe butts. Fix toys. You anticipate needs and keep humans alive all day long. There is no one that can match what you do in their lives. You are their world and they are yours. ·
They wear you down with the sound of your own name, but there is no greater honor than being their first call.

Happy Friday, mamas! I hope you get some time in silence this weekend where you can just be the name that's listed on your passport. I've got a ladies night planned with my mom and little sister tomorrow night.

No one tells you about the anxiety that comes with motherhood

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