All in 2 Under 2

I once was a mom of #2under2. That had it's many challenges. It's like having 2 babies, but babies who have different needs and are in two totally different developmental stages. In that first 6 months of having two under two, we all cried every single day. Then once my little one turned 1, it started to get easier and every day after that got easier and easier.

My kids are now 2 and 3 and they are BFFs, except when they are not.

My Guide to Living In Your House With Kids While Selling Your House

I've mentioned what I'm like when I am pregnant, right? Totally nutballs crazy. Okay, so me with the house on the market may just top that. There is so much to stress about. We are not made of that thing...what's it called? It's green and has faces on it. Yes, Money. Right. That's it. We are NOT MADE OF MONEY, so we had to sell our house before we could buy another one, which means we had to live in our house while it's on the market. 

Trying to Sell Our Home With Littles: Tired & busy with a pinch of madness

My apologies for the hiatus. Also forgive me for assuming you cared. For the sake of my opening sentence, I'll pretend you do. So, thank you for caring and I'm sorry I have been offline (sort of) the past several weeks. What happened, you ask? Well, we decided we wanted to be insane people and attempt to sell our home while we are still a family with two under two. Again, this is all because we are nutballs.  

Mommy's Day Off

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post on Mother's Day Gifts, and as it turns out, my husband reads my blog. So on Mother's Day, I walked out of my bedroom to find freshly brewed coffee, fresh cut lilacs that my toddler stole from my neighbor's yard, and a card that contained a "to do" list. Now, what you need to know about my husband, is that nothing gets his blood pumping (if you know what I mean) like checking something off his "to do" list. So to him, a "to do" list is the ultimate gift. Before you get all mommy-judgey towards my husband, let's take a quick look at the list he gave me:

2 Royals Under 2: Welcome Kate to the 2 under 2 club

So Kate and William gave birth to their second royal less than a week ago. I feel a special connection to the gorgeous Kate Middleton because I have been pregnant with Kate not once, but twice. And, like Kate, I had son in 2013 and a daughter in 2015. AND I was also totally beautiful 10 hours after giving birth (cue laugh track please)So obviously, we are twins and soul sisters. 

The first 3 months of having 2 under 2

In September 2013, my husband and I had our first baby. He won our hearts immediately. Seven months later, we had a seven month old and were pregnant again. OH SNAP! In 9-ish months or so, we would have two babies under two. From the get-go we were like, let's just get this done with. We knew we wanted two kids so we figured we might as well just have them close in age and get out of this "having babies" stage of life. Yes, we planned this insanity.

How Blanket Time Restored My Sanity

In our home, 4:30-5:30 is the witching hour. It's far enough past nap time where Titus is bored and a little tired again and usually is begging to watch his "puppet show" as he is craving down time. Everyone starts crying all at once. Cecie is hungry, Titus is cranky, I'm hormonal and Harley (our Morkie) sees a squirrel out the back door. It's chaos and I begin praying that my husband will somehow invent teleporting and get his Vulcan ass home. 

The Karma of Parenting

You know our good friend Karma, right? What goes around comes around. How many times have you looked at a young mom struggling with her screaming toddler in the cereal isle and you think to yourself, "that kid just needs a little structure and discipline" only to find yourself two minutes later dealing with a total uncontrollable meltdown of your own in the chip isle? That's the karma of parenting.