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The best children's books every little boy needs to own

My college roommate just had her first baby boy and it has me dreaming of dinosaurs and monsters. She is going to be the most amazing boy mom ever and I giddy with excitement over getting to meet him later this week.

We're a big book family over here and I am totally that aunt/family friend who will always give books instead of toys, but I don't care. To quote Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail, "When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.” I don't think there is any greater gift we can give our children than the love of reading, so today I want to share with you my all-time favorite books to gift little boys

My Guide to Living In Your House With Kids While Selling Your House

I've mentioned what I'm like when I am pregnant, right? Totally nutballs crazy. Okay, so me with the house on the market may just top that. There is so much to stress about. We are not made of that thing...what's it called? It's green and has faces on it. Yes, Money. Right. That's it. We are NOT MADE OF MONEY, so we had to sell our house before we could buy another one, which means we had to live in our house while it's on the market. 

Why giving birth is my favorite thing ever!!

I had a friend who was about to have her third babe and she shared, "Giving birth is one of my favorite things ever." At the time I was pregnant with my first babe and thought she was crazy (I mean she was pregnant, so she probably was a bit crazy). This was the first time I had ever heard something positive about giving birth. I was bombarded with horror stories about birth. Everything that can go wrong. The pain. The watermelon coming out of a pea size hole. The screaming. You've heard it all before, so I won't go into detail.

8 Mother's Day gifts every new mom will LOVE!

As Mother's Day approaches, I am seeing more and more commercials for bouquets of fruit (wtheck) and heart-shaped necklaces (gag me!). Now, if you have a new mom in your life, let me tell you that while she is trying to eat healthy, she doesn't need a centerpiece of bananas and the small human attached to her hip will likely try to strangle her with that cliche piece of jewelry. Here are a few things I guarantee any new mom would love to receive:

The first 3 months of having 2 under 2

In September 2013, my husband and I had our first baby. He won our hearts immediately. Seven months later, we had a seven month old and were pregnant again. OH SNAP! In 9-ish months or so, we would have two babies under two. From the get-go we were like, let's just get this done with. We knew we wanted two kids so we figured we might as well just have them close in age and get out of this "having babies" stage of life. Yes, we planned this insanity.

Sleep Deprivation: my sworn archenemy

Newborndom has passed and you have finally figured out the floppy little alien you took home from the hospital. It took a couple months, but finally, after lots of trial and error and reading all of the blogs and all of the books, you have your sweet cherub on a schedule which allows you to regain some semblance of a life. And, since you are a superstar parent who is greater than all of the parents who have gone before you and all the parents who will come after you, your little human is sleeping through the night at two months. YAY YOU!! Put that baby down for the night, have a glass of wine (and by "wine" I mean bourbon), go to sleep and don't worry about the baby until morning.