All in Momming is Hard Handbook

Potty training may be one of the most dreaded parts of parenting. Everyone and their mother (especially their mothers) have an opinion about potty training. There are countless books and "experts" claiming to have the secret. I call bull. There are a lot of expectations we put on potty training and now I'm sharing 6 things I wish someone had told me before I started potty training my kids:

My Secret to Becoming Better at Adulting

I recently turned 29 and every single day I have a mini panic attack about how I have to get my act together before I turn 30. Taking an outside look at my life, I am doing pretty well. I'm married to an awesome guy, have 2 kids and a dog, and run a semi-successful business that allows me to stay home with my kids during the day. While I've accomplished things and have everything I could ever have wanted in life up to this point (seriously, Glory to God here), I still fear I'm not adulting to my fullest potential. Yet.

My Guide to Living In Your House With Kids While Selling Your House

I've mentioned what I'm like when I am pregnant, right? Totally nutballs crazy. Okay, so me with the house on the market may just top that. There is so much to stress about. We are not made of that thing...what's it called? It's green and has faces on it. Yes, Money. Right. That's it. We are NOT MADE OF MONEY, so we had to sell our house before we could buy another one, which means we had to live in our house while it's on the market. 

My Experience transitioning my Toddler to a Big Kid Bed

Like pretty much every big transition, I was dreading the transition to a big boy bed because I knew it would interrupt my sleep. Sleep is very important to me. Like super important. One night of poor sleep will turn me into a bat shiz psycho lady who can't finish her sentences. So I put it off and put it off - the same way I'm still putting off potty training (is it Karma that made me pee a little while sneezing in the middle of typing that sentence?). For the first month, we had him sleep in his pack and play mostly because with the Holidays we knew we'd be putting him down at other people's homes a lot and didn't want him to get too confused.

Trying to Sell Our Home With Littles: Tired & busy with a pinch of madness

My apologies for the hiatus. Also forgive me for assuming you cared. For the sake of my opening sentence, I'll pretend you do. So, thank you for caring and I'm sorry I have been offline (sort of) the past several weeks. What happened, you ask? Well, we decided we wanted to be insane people and attempt to sell our home while we are still a family with two under two. Again, this is all because we are nutballs.