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For the Free-Spirited mom of a Type-A Child

For the Free-Spirited mom of a Type-A Child | Momming Is Hard

I am a very "go with the flow" parent (which I know is a weird combo with my helicopter parent tendencies). I play each day by ear all in the name of "play" and "experiencing childhood" with my kids. I love to be spontaneous and keep our lives free for whatever we *feel* like doing.

You know what does not mix with a free range mama? Toddlers and preschoolers. I am learning that little thrive on routine and they like to know what to expect. I throw out ideas in the way one brainstorms taglines for a new brand, but to them it's just a list of broken promises. They don't understand the concept of ideas or maybes yet.

I don't have this figured out yet. I am trying to find a routine that works for all of us. Perhaps it will be easier when they are in school and there is some routine set up for us, but I know I can't wait that long. They need a sense of control now. This takes a huge level of sacrifice on my part because I am not a planner.

There are many things in parenting when the kids have to learn to fit into your life. They are not the center of the universe, after all. However, there are times when you have to set aside your preferences and natural tendencies to meet them where they are at. In this case it is to give them security and routine in an already chaotic world. They need to learn to be adaptable, but they also need to know I'm dependable.

I'm a work in progress, mamas.

Type A mamas, do you have any words of wisdom for this flighty free spirited mama?

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