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How to get past the struggle of bedtime

How to get past the struggle of bedtime

Bedtime and Naptime have been a major struggle at our house the past couple of weeks. In that everyone is refusing to do it.

I don't know what it is about these times of day that is so draining, but they are. By the end of the day, the grace has run out. The prospect of sitting with a glass of wine, watching a show without any educational value is just around the corner, but these little people won't let you! They know life goes on after they are in bed and they are struggling with major #FOMO (fear of missing out for all you mamas who needed to google that).

The world is big and exciting to them and they are realizing that it doesn't stop when they sleep. They have learned that we don't go to bed (like we tell them) when they go to bed. They have more to explore and learn and see! I feel for them, but at the same time I don't give a pig's fart what they want to do. It is bedtime.

They fight it and I fight back until we are both exhausted, but no one is asleep. This makes me think there has to be a better way. A more grace-filled way to handle bedtime. We have our rituals and our night time traditions that we rush through just to get to the end. But what if we savored it? Would that make a difference? Maybe "making a difference" isn't the point. Perhaps we need to find a way to enjoy the chaos of the bedtime.

I wish I had a "how-to" manual of what this looks like, but I have a feeling it's nothing more than a choice. A choice to approach bedtime with patience and joy. A choice to savor the sweetness of their stories and snuggles. A choice to put off my alone time and quiet for the special bonding that only happens at bedtime.

Tonight I am going to choose to enjoy it. It won't make them fall asleep sooner, but it will make the process sweeter.

Embracing slow in a world that says "GO!"

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