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Is your child eating healthy enough?

Is your child eating healthy enough? | Momming is Hard

They refuse everything you give them. You long for the days of old when a boob would suffice and you knew they were getting all the nutrients they needed. You worry that they aren't getting enough calcium or potassium. Oh crap! What about iron? Do you think they are getting enough iron? 

Before having kids, you promised you wouldn't give your offspring Mac & Cheese every night. Instead, they'd be "cultured" and would like things like curry and sushi (at least the unauthentic cooked kind). Now you *actually* have kids and they don't eat squat.

Every meal is a battle. You worry that you are ruining their lifelong relationship with food. You have a few safe fall backs, but surely they can't live on smoothies and peanut butter toast! You worry that they will be an adult who only eats pepperoni pizza, missing out on all other delicious possible pizza combinations. Most of all you worry that you are not doing enough to make sure their diet is well balanced and organic and healthy enough.

I remember the day I gave my kids the same exact thing for dinner as I did for lunch one day and I cried out of guilt (and probably due to some sleep deprivation). I didn't have the energy to grocery shop or develop creative meals that my toddlers would actually eat, and I was failing them.

Then I realized, my kids had eaten 3 meals that day. I was able to serve them 3 entire meals. Mother's all around the world were crying wondering if their children will have one meal to split that day, and I was worried that my kids 3 meals weren't diverse enough or organic enough. How small my problem became after that.

Give yourself grace, mama. Food stuff is hard and frustrating and I have totally been there. You are doing great. You are able to feed your children on a daily basis. The food struggles are a passing phase. If all they eat are smoothies and toast for a month straight, you are doing amazing! Keep loving your littles so fiercely.

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