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#MyMommingStory: Everyday moms sharing their stories to encourage other moms and create a culture of empathy


"But being a stay-at-home mom was the loneliest kind of lonely, in which she was always and never by herself." - Barbara Kingsolver

Motherhood is isolating.

Even with all of the park meetups and community classes where you are around other parents and kids, there is still an emptiness that comes with being a mom.

I'm not saying that being a mother is unfulfilling! Because it is fulfilling and full of joy! I have always wanted to be a mom and I love my kids to the moon and back and back and forth again, but there are just some things that are left unsaid about motherhood that makes it lonely.

No one talks about how as moms we often have no idea what we are doing. We look around and everyone else seems to have their shit together and we are at home holding back tears as we watch our kids struggle through whatever issue it may be.

Very few people talk about the crippling depression that can accompany pregnancy. The time that is supposed to fill you with the most joy, ends up being the darkest period of your life and you doubt your ability to be a parent.

It's uncommon to hear about how having kids can impact our marriages. It is a struggle to have one or both parents working long days and both parents are exhausted and worn. Months can go by before you realize you have merely been coexisting.

Miscarriage is still a taboo topic among many people. I have seen several friends begin sharing their stories of heartbreaking pain and loss and soon find a flood of encouragement from other mother's who have experienced all the same emotions. ~
Our stories of struggle are unifying and offer a sense of hope and community. I have received so many messages and comments from all of you over the past months relating to my struggles and all of a sudden we all feel a little less alone.

Now, I want to begin sharing YOUR stories of pain, loss, loneliness and hope with the momming is hard community.

If you have a story or an experience that you want to use to encourage other women, please post it in your Instagram with the hashtag #MyMommingStory and tag @mommingishard so I know I have your permission to post your story.

Story Suggestions: STORY IDEAS: ❤️infertility❤️adoption❤️sex after having a baby❤️single parenthood❤️loss❤️getting used to your postpartum body❤️2 under 2❤️military family❤️working motherhood❤️depression❤️anxiety❤️literally anything you can think of... Nothing is under the sun is new and I promise if you feel alone because of something in your life, that's all the more reason to share it because you will find that you are not alone.

Either share to your own Instagram or submit your own #mymommingstory right here to be considered as a guest poster:

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