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We've been married 7 years today

7th anniversary post | momming is hard

They say there is a 7 year itch. Well, I've got an itch and this guy is the only one who can scratch it. Yes, I understand that sounds dirty and I don't even care.

I met Nate in Sunday school in the second grade. Started crushing on him in the 5th grade. Spent high school giving our youth leaders something to worry about. Spent college "finding ourselves" only to come back to each other just as we had always hoped/expected and were hitched not too much later.

After 7 years of marriage I have learned so much more than I ever expected to learn about Nate and it has been the greatest joy of my life. He is the passionate, hard working, brilliant, wise, loving, practical, supportive, feisty and incredibly handsome backbone of this family.

While we are actual complete opposites (esfp + intj = ❤️), but by the grace of God we see eye to eye on the "big stuff" which keeps us united. Ya'll, Jesus first and the rest follows.

Nate is my biggest supporter. When I doubt myself, he is the first one to check me and let me know what I am really of. When you spend 7 years married to Nate, you can't help but know how special you are, because he tells you. Not in a way that seems to be his opinion, but as if it's an undeniable fact. I honestly don't know how I got so blessed to be his wife.

I don't think Instagram allows enough characters for me to even begin to share how amazing Nate is as a dad, so I will just say that my kids will never ever doubt his love for them. He tells them with his words and shows them with his actions.

Nate, being your wife is an honor that I don't deserve. I look forward to 60+ years together.

To the mama of a "spirited" (read: strong-willed) child

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