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When being the mom means being the boss

When being the mom means being the boss | momming is hard

Motherhood is about sacrifices. We sacrifice our bodies. We sacrifice our careers. We sacrifice our free-time, interests, hobbies, privacy, girls nights out, slow quiet mornings, stain free clothes, and pretty much anything else you held dear before cranking out a bunch of tiny humans that somewhat resemble a less tired version of yourself.

But motherhood isn't all bad. As mom, you get to pick what treats you buy at the grocery store. You get to choose what you eat for dinner. You get to control who gets to wear clean clothes. You are the master of the chore chart. You decide where your family goes on vacation. You make the decisions on everything.

They say successful people cut out as many little decisions as possible so they can focus on the BIG decisions. Innovators like Steve Jobs wore and ate the same thing everyday. And sure, it is scientifically proven that moms have decision fatigue because all we do all day is make decisions about little things, like who gets to drink from the blue cup. So, yeah, we sacrifice our brain too. Someday, they will make their own decisions and we will have built up decision muscles that world leaders will envy, and maybe by then we can change the world or have clothes without stains.

Until then, we will love on these littles and bask in the fact that whenever there is a picture taken, we get to choose the photo where we look amazing even if no one else is looking at the camera. After all, we are mom. The boss of everyone.

I'm back (again)

I'm back (again)

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