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When you don't feel like a "Supermom"

Sometimes shit hits the fan and then some more shit hits it and then pretty soon you forget shit is on the fan so you turn the fan on and everyone is covered in shit | momming is hard

Yesterday we hit the trifecta of home ownership issues. Do you notice how, like with famous people dying, house issues hit in 3s? The air conditioning went out. A handful of electrical outlets decided to stop working, including the one our fridge likes to be plugged into. Then someone (*cough*me*cough*) left a rotisserie chicken carcass in our outdoor trash and it is now infested with maggots which are becoming flies which are wanting to get into our house because all of our windows are open. #firstworldproblems, I know.

There are some weeks when being a supermom means prepping beautiful, nutritiously diverse lunches for your kids while gracefully balancing a six figure salary with six pack abs and still having enough energy for sex with your spouse at the end of each day (p.s. my weeks NEVER look like this). Then there are times of life where being a supermom means persevering through all the shit that flings off the fan and hits us square in the face.

My guess is that the moms who are actually supermoms don't really feel like them most of the time. They don't have time to feel like supermoms because they are too busy meeting the never-ending needs of those little people they grew and googling how to get kill maggots without having to actually touch them. They may initially react to situations with frustration or tears, but quickly move on and tackle the situation head on, because they have to. No one else is going to clean the shit off their fan.

It's easy to look like a supermom when everything is perfect or when your house is already clean or when you make enough money or have magical elves taking care of all the details. Real life is messy AF. Supermoms are disguised behind disheveled children and snarky coffee mugs. They are in line at the preschool drop off with no bra and yesterday's make up, knowing they have to go home to a flooded basement or a couch of dog puke. Supermoms are getting shit done and fiercely loving her tribe along the way.

Wait it out, mama's. An easy week will come for you, but I'm sorry that this week you have to clean shit off your fan.

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