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Encouragement for the mama who thinks she is failing

Encouragement for the mama who thinks she is failing | momming is hard

The biggest struggle in motherhood is probably our own stupid brains. Yes, our offspring cause some issues and wear us down with their nagging and need to eat 3 meals a day (which sometimes feels like ten million meals a day), but the thing that causes me the most strife is my brain.

My big beautiful brain sits there being the boss of me and then it has the audacity to tell me things like, "you aren't doing enough" or "you're doing it wrong." My brain is my biggest resource and it's also my biggest critic. As long as I have this brain, I will always worry that I'm not living up to my potential as a mom.

We never will know if we are doing enough and in our culture there will always be evidence showing that we could in fact be doing more. Our kids could be taking more classes or playing more sports or doing more crafts from Pinterest. 

Social media will have us believe that our children are the only ones who look disheveled and throw fits over the fact that you accidentally pushed the button on the elevator. The yogurt on my kid's face is definitely from yesterday at lunchtime.

We spend all this time listening to our brains telling us to do more, be more, work harder, sacrifice more and frankly it makes us want to hide in the bathroom with half a chocolate cake and do the ugly cry.

Sometimes, you just need someone to hand you a glass of wine and tell you that you're doing a good job. 

Go tell your brain to chill the eff out because you are doing an amazing job, mama.

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